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R Time Process Information and Video Links

1. Rule and Instruction

Once the rule and instruction have been stated it gives the children a clear context within which R time is to be conducted. R time, being first and foremost a relationship program, highlights the rule, “Show respect and good manners at all times”.

click here to see a short video

2. Random Pairing

The children work each time with a different partner enabling them, over time, to work with all of the children in the class.  Partner Picking cards and other methods are used for picking a partner.  It must be random and not picked by the teacher. 

3. Greeting

Once the children are in pairs they greet one another, using given names, with a positive statement e.g. "Hello my name is Simon. I'm glad you're my partner today Lia ".

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 4. Lesson/Activity

For each grade level there are 30 short, easily achievable, age appropriate activities. The children take part in these activities with their partner.

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5. Feedback/Processing

The children feed back their experiences to the whole group and the teacher helps them reflect on their learning.

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6. Closure

At the end of the session the children thank their partner and say something positive to finish.

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