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Welcome to R Time USA

  An Anti-bullying, Social Skills, Social Emotional Learning Program

Children working together

What Is R Time?

R time is an exciting, dynamic, fun-filled Social and Emotional learning program that uses random pairing to create a positive environment and a sense of community within the classroom and in the school.  R time has been shown to improve behavior, reduce bullying, reduce disciplinary referrals,  raise self-esteem, and accelerate learning.

Much of the emphasis in R time is on good manners and co-operation.  R time is presented in short, 10 - 15 minute lessons to develop supportive relationships and interactions of cooperative behavior between students. The lessons are taught once a week and follow a specific curriculum format.

When children learn the new social, emotional and behavioral skills, they are equipped to be confident in the following areas:

  • To make and maintain friendships.

  • To learn to handle strong feelings  such as anger, anxiety or frustrations.

  • To resolve problems with others or themselves.

  • To stand up to bullies.

  • To work and play cooperatively

  • To understand and value differences between people, while respecting the right of others to have beliefs and values different from their own. 


R Time Social Emotional Learning Services

R Time Training

R Time training is essential for creating a culture of caring on a campus. The training is extremely interactive and fun.  Teachers will be ready to implement R Time the very next day of school!


Half-day and full-day trainings available for school campuses.

To inquire about training options or to schedule training: 


Or:  972 741-5285

"Our staff loves the R Time program. One of my schools actually has an R Time song."  Kim Holland, Superintenent at Ardmore Oklahoma Schools 

R Time Materials

R time for Better Relationships :

  • This is the teacher's manual.

Price per book:  $40, plus shipping

  • Best practice is one book per teacher. 

R time To Stop Bullying:

  • This is the manual for the school counselor. Price $35

R time Rules Posters for the classroom and hallways.

 Price $5 each.

  • Materials cannot be purchased without campus training.

  • If your campus has already been trained and is in our database, please contact us directly for purchasing materials.



Or: 972 741-5285

Anti-Bullying/Drug Prevention Trainings

Jill Darling, owner and president of USA R Time, LLC is a local, state, national and internationl trainer. Ms. Darling trains on a variety of anti-bullying and social and emotional learning topics for students, staff members, and parents.  

Topics include:

  • R Time

  • Bullying

  • Cyberbullying

  • Workplace Bullying

  • Current Adolescent Drug Trends

  • Classroom Guidance Activities

  • Teambuilding

  • Peer Mediation

  • Motivational Keynotes


Contact: for more information










Over 200 campuses have been trained!

Schools Recently Joining the R Time Family:

  • Independence Elementary School - Yukon, Oklahoma

Schools conducting R Time Refresher Trainings 

  • Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD

  • Hartman Elementary

  • Springer Elementary

  • Wolfe City Elementary

Listen to What Children Say About R Time! 

(Filmed by Tihoot Terrefe, Elementary School Teacher.)

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now
Below is a short introductory video featuring Greg Sampson, R time creator. For more video clips and information, click here.


Inquiries About R Time

For any questions or to schedule a training, please contact: or call 972 741-5285

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What  Students, Teachers and Administrators Say About R Time

I'm an incredibly strong advocate of the R time program. I had the privilege of seeing the program in action while serving as superintendent in Richardson ISD.  Children were provided opportunities to interact with each other on a regular basis in structured settings throughout the school year.  Interactions and conversations were genuine and promoted courtesy, respect, and positive relationships.  This program is second to none in promoting and enhancing positive school cultures and climates.  Another positive aspect of R time is that the program tanscends the elementary experience.  Children internalize behaviors and are equipped with skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.  Jill's leadershop and knowledge are integral to the success of R time.  She has been instrumental in implementing this program thoughout the nation.  She is a passionate advocate for making a positive difference in the lives of students.  Her commitment and dedication are without question.

Dr. Kay Waggoner, School Superintendent 

"R Time creates a family dynamic in the classroom! My students love this program because it enhances their social skills, breaks down emotional barriers and builds relationships among students who don't normally interact with each other." 

Tihoot Terrefe, 3rd Grade Teacher

"This is the BEST thing that could ever happen to a kid!" 

6th Grade Student, Moss Haven Elementary

"I have been speaking about bullying in schools for over 27 years.  I have yet to find a more effective program for elementary-aged kids that addresses the underlying issues of true bullying than R time.  R time hits on the bull's eye by fostering meaningful relationships, building respect, and honoring each other's differences in a safe environment. KUDO's to R time!"

Donna Clark Love, Bullying Expert, Internationally Known Speaker, and Author

"Our discipline referrals have been reduced by half this school year and we attribute much of these results to the R Time Program."

Kim Holland, School Superintendent 

"The program is AMAZING and I can see the positive affects daily! They (the students) are getting so great about including each other in groups and offering to be partners with people they normally wouldn't.  It's super awesome to hear their manners and they are even asking if they can be in groups."

Nicole Fletcher, Elementary School Teacher

"R time is ALL the time at my school, not just during the R time lesson."

4th Grade Student, Springridge Elementary

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